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Tutoring Boosts High School Graduation Rates

Many educators that push the envelope of education above and beyond the classroom share a passion for tutoring that makes a world of difference in the progression of many young minds. Living conditions and the struggles that many youth face in high poverty neighborhoods and schools contributes largely to an increasing loss of hope and ambition. Tutors deserve a huge round of applause for all of the hard and many times heart-wrenching tasks that they perform, all in the name of learning. It can be very tough to keep the doors to a child's mind open and receptive to the opportunities that are there for the taking. The tremendous growth in student populations in the classroom has done much more harm than good when it comes to delivering quality education to youth. The condition in classes ...

Tutoring: Why Early Learning Is A Smart Investment

Children's minds are like sponges, the more information they can gain the more they learn. Young children are especially impressionable and by tutoring children early in life you're setting them up for a lifetime of learning and education. From the moment they are born children are absorbing knowledge. They're hungry for information never ceases. Between birth and the age of five, children are busy assimilating everything around them. They are focusing on what they can learn. A tutor at this age may seem out of the normal scope of things but many parents opt to hone in on the fact that children under the age of five may well benefit from a tutor who can encourage them and help them to absorb and learn even more information. From involving children in school or preschool and worki...

ISO International Standards in Education Is Very Beneficial

When it comes to education it is a very important thing. One of the problems in education is the lack of international standards. Some people look down on international standards and want everything to be locally controlled. They only want local oversight of these things. What those people forget is that society and all industries benefit when we are able to take a massive collection of ideas and data and turn it in to an education curriculum. That is one of the reasons why having international standards in education is so important. The ISO international standards is here to make sure that everybody is on the same path. In a world where we are more connected globally, where working together is more important than ever, these international standards are something that will create parity...