Tutoring Boosts High School Graduation Rates

Many educators that push the envelope of education above and beyond the classroom share a passion for tutoring that makes a world of difference in the progression of many young minds. Living conditions and the struggles that many youth face in high poverty neighborhoods and schools contributes largely to an increasing loss of hope and ambition. Tutors deserve a huge round of applause for all of the hard and many times heart-wrenching tasks that they perform, all in the name of learning. It can be very tough to keep the doors to a child’s mind open and receptive to the opportunities that are there for the taking.

The tremendous growth in student populations in the classroom has done much more harm than good when it comes to delivering quality education to youth. The condition in classes is made even worse because educators are pretty much forced into trying to provide a general overall course for everyone. Basically, it is like teachers have to toss bits of knowledge into a pool of hungry young minds and any students that snap up those morsels and know what to do with them will survive.

Teachers who themselves provide more visual lessons have a greater chance of reaching the student population of visual learners and serve them well. Whereas teachers that teach in other ways will reach the population of youth that are more receptive to those learning processes that may not be visual. This is why tutors are so very important when it comes to increasing the rate of high school graduation.

But, just what are the qualities that make an educator the right fit for tutoring youth? It would depend largely on what experience the educator has. Is math and/or science their strong points or is reading and English what they teach best? What levels and age ranges are they experienced in working with?

The other question is, will the youngster be receptive enough to benefit from what tutoring has to offer? Without a doubt, it definitely depends on many important factors which include the age of the child and the child’s “actual” level of education. There are very large numbers of students that are in a certain grade level when it comes to classes. But unfortunately, academically there are a large number of those students that actually have a lower level of education.

With that said, tutoring is one of the greatest opportunities for any youth wishing to graduate high school.

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